Give me that Bow Wow puppy love type faith


 So for those who have known me forever know that I LOVED Bow Wow. After witnessing “Bounce With Me” play on the television at my late great aunt’s home at the age of 9 – I was officially hooked. My parents took me to Walmart and I bought the “Beware of the Dog” album and a CD player.  Each year I became even more obsessed. But my obsession skyrocketed once I was around more pre-teen girls who overlooked boys’ cooties LOL.  Everyone of my best fifth grade best friends had an email dedicated to Bow Wow. Mines was LadyBowWow4002 LOL and my other friend’s was Shadzgurl with a whole lot of numbers behind it. Each week we anticipated the release of a new Word Up magazine because we knew Bow Wow would be on the cover and we would have new posters to put on our walls.  So by my 6th grade year – I started creating a wall dedicated to him with posters and paw-prints. In addition to this – I would buy any product with paw prints on it – shirts, stickers, coats….it was super tragic.  I watched 106 and Park every night to make sure Bow Wow’s videos stayed in the top 5 and I participated in a variety of Fanfiction boards to talk to girls from other states about my love for him (But I actually made life – long friends that I still keep in contact with…Heeeeey Marcia<3) . AND when my parents bought me tickets to see Scream Tour 2 – let’s say I FLIPPED. There were a lot of tears and hollering on August 2, 2002.


Okay…. So beyond the fact that I just gave you a summary of my tragic pre-teen years this story has a meaning. I was a fan for a LONG time – I prayed and asked God to allow him to be my husband  and give me the gift of bearing his children (LOL) but if not all I wanted was a chance to meet him. 

The summer before my freshman year of high school I learned about a meet and greet contest hosted by a local radio station in Greensboro, NC. This station was giving fans a chance to meet Bow Wow before the Scream Tour 4.  Of course I had already bought my tickets but I snapped when I found out about this contest. The VJ had announced that if we hear  two Bow Wow songs back to back we should call in for a chance to be the 9th caller. So I started calling the station for hours straight (tragic) and I eventually gave up. We had experienced death in my family and so we had to switch gears and so I sort of went into mourning mode. I had spent all week at my late great aunt’s house (Yes the same aunt whose I was visiting when I first seen Bow Wow’s Bounce With Me video). My cousin and I decided to sit outside and talk and we were sitting by our uncle’s truck. His radio happened to be on that local Greensboro radio station I was calling earlier that week. I  remember singing “Let Me Hold You” and then eventually “Like You” came on and it clicked THIS WAS THE CONTEST. I freaked and told my cousin to call and then I called twice and eventually I heard “hello” and I am like “Am I the ninth caller?!” and the VJ is like “Yes you are!” and I am like “NO YOU ARE LYING.” So basically he spent a few minutes trying to convince me and let’s just say I almost passed out. I think my mom had to pry the phone out of my hand because I was screaming and crying so bad. I spent the rest of the night in tears and shock. On that Saturday – I was blessed with an opportunity to take my sister to the Bow Wow Meet and Greet. I was able to talk to him and get a picture and have him sign a photo for me. Man- that night was super surreal and even though I forgot to ask him to marry me (LOL) – it was definitely one of the best nights of my teenage years. 

I guess I am telling this story because I realized how much faith I had in God to give me this opportunity. I spent 7 years of my life as a Bow Wow Stan but I knew that my years of dedication would afford me that opportunity. I called because I believed and God gave it to me. Yes – it is just a silly meet and greet but God placed me in that same house 7 years prior when I first learned of Bow Wow and allowed me to hear those songs that just so happened to be on at that moment.  I knew that God showed me favor because out of everyone else that could’ve won – I was picked. 

Yes this is a little insight into my crazy teenage years but it warms my heart because I realize that if God could bless me with that opportunity I know that He will continue to work in my life and fulfill His purpose through me. These past 7 months have been a rollercoaster packed with many tears, confusion, doubt, and hurt. I have had to BATTLE the devil’s attempts to attack me through people and I literally had to fight anxiety because of the crazy amount of negative thoughts.  I almost let my lack of certain things overshadow the beauty of my job and the community/family around me and the fact that God was using this season to sharpen me. I struggled to trust God’s essence and ability to care of my needs. Yes I believed in his promises but I just couldn’t allow God to be God. My faith was sooooo weak by the end of the year BUT God showed me that my FAITH NEEDED TO BE STRENGTHENED. No – it didn’t need to grow because God had already given me my portion of faith(Romans 12:3) and I needed to literally learn more about it in order to strengthen it.  As a young girl I trusted God to provide for my needs when I became a Christian at 10 and my faith was so immediate and non-wavering. It was a beautiful child-like faith (Mark 10:15). I want to encourage  you too to remember a time when you had child-like faith? Why do we allow our pasts or our doubts  to keep us from channeling that child-like faith we had when we first learned about Christ? Your story doesn’t have to be as super dramatic as my Bow Wow story.  By faith we are saved through faith and we must continue to walk in that faith<3

Yes- even crazy Bow Wow stans can have crazy child-like faith and I am super grateful to be reminded of mines through this story. 

Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for evidence of things not seen – Hebrews 11:1 






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