it takes time.


we live in this society that is so “me…me…me” and full of instant gratification but what happened to patience? What about preparation? 

Over the past month – I’ve learned about patience and how difficult it is resist diving head first into certain goals, dreams and healing from setbacks or disappointments. But that constant “do…go….get that….” attitude calls for a self-evaluation. Not saying that striving is a bad thing – it most certainly isn’t. But when you force yourself to do stuff because of apparent investments or convenience – do you ever consider if it will help you grow or is it done due to certain societal expectations? 

doesn’t God give everyone a special and unique timeline to fulfill their purpose? what’s stopping us from seeking God before we seek Google, friends, family? What ever happened to respecting God’s own timing?

Just some things that I’ve been not only struggling with but growing to understand over the past month. Let’s embrace God’s blessing on our lives at this very beautiful moment. 

ps. I know I haven’t been blogging. I definitely want to try to do a post a week. I definitely try to check my motives these days. If I am not compelled to blog – I won’t force myself to do it.  Also – if you ever need to talk – don’t be afraid to drop a comment or email me at

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