Imani!!! Video Clips of Black Voices’ Fall 2013 Concert


Love Black Voices<3

So blessed to call UVA my alma mater<3

Black Fire

“It does not matter what oppressors say or do or what they try to make us out to be. We know that we have a freedom not made with human hands. It is faith that defines our person, and thus enables black people to sing when the world says that we have nothing to sing about, to pray when prayer seems useless to theologians and philosophers, and to preach when the world will not listen.” James Cone, God of the Oppressed

Today (Jan. 1) as we close Kwanzaa and reflect on the principle of Imani, let us commit ourselves to never losing faith in the power of our history, the necessity of our struggle, and the promise of a brighter day for all humanity.  Enjoy a very short compilation of video clips from Black Voices’ Fall 2013 concert.  Thank you BV for being such great keepers of the tradition!

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