purpose in name.


I was thinking a lot about names or titles last night and their significance. I also enjoy telling my crazy name story to people lol.  My father’s name is Tony and when I was born he wanted to give me his ENTIRE name – the first and the middle LOL. My mom quickly shut that down and added the -ette to the end of Tony and gave me a middle name that started with an R and voila – Tonyette Rochelle. 

So I am fascinated with how much weight names held in the Bible.  A name could either be a positive or a negative.  I am reading through the various stories of the life of Jesus this week and the value of names really stuck out to me.  I am going over the amazing stories of Zechariah/Elizabeth  and Mary/Joseph When Gabriel manifested God’s promises he told both Zechariah/Elizabeth and Mary what they should name their sons (Luke 1:13, Luke 1:31).  Zechariah and Elizabeth named their son John which means “Yahweh is gracious” and Mary and Joseph gave our Savior the name Jesus which is a form of Joshua meaning “the Lord saves”. No doubt these babies had so much destined for them because of their glorious name meanings.  

This had me really thinking about how we define ourselves based in another manner. We often define ourselves by our certain social groups, education, or positions we hold.  We often go to get lengths to fulfill the actions associated with these groups, educational attainments, or positions. What happens when these no longer fulfill – what occurs when that position is taken away or you no longer fit the entire mold of that group? What sustains us?

I am truly happy that I have a title and a name that will NEVER perish. I am God’s DAUGHTER. I am HIS Daughter and that title will never perish, falter, wither, change. This means I am his inheritance.  I am redeemed.  free. called by NAME (Isaiah 43:1). loved. beautifully and wonderfully madecherished. hopeful. I am a CHRISTIAN<3 

That means that I should be a reflection of Christ is EVERY THING I DO. 

 Yes we have names/titles but we should first and foremost be representatives of Christ. we are his sons and daughters


I am happy to be Tonyette Rochelle but I am most honored to be called Daughter<3




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