Beautiful Shoes…Beautiful Answers : Day 30


I needed this challenge to connect with God on so many levels. When I decided to do this challenge I was in a period of frustration and just completely out of my comfort zone.  I did this to help me deal with the changes that occurred and are still occurring at this moment.  Often, we get so caught up in the details and we often can’t answer every question or thought that occurs in our lives. I utilized this challenge to help me connect with the everyday blessings of life.

So I am STILL out here getting schooled at my site school.  Yesterday, I wore some loafers that are a bit too big for me. Even though they are a 5 1/2 – they fit like a 6 and that’s NOT cool. I threw them on and paired them with three thousand different colors (LOL hahaha). I woke up LATE after a night of several horrible nightmares, so I jumped out of my bed like a ninja and just started throwing together an outfit that looked decent.  My sweater was gray, I layered two shirts (black and light brown), green pants, and leopard loafers. OH GOSH. I think it worked but I was all over the place working my mix-matched outfit (I love mixing up prints) but I was seriously throwing on the first thing I saw yesterday morning LOL hahahahaha. Then my dang on shoes were flopping off my feet and I swear I almost fell a few times.  Then I finally stuffed the top of my shoes with paper towels (TRAGICMESS.COM).

Yesterday was something to say the least. But as I was stuffing my shoes in the faculty ladies room(lol) – a thought occurred to me “if the shoe doesn’t fit – stuff it/fill it” (kind of like “if the shoe fits wear it “statement).   Even though this statement definitely has a negative connotation, I sort of saw it completely different. Even though my shoes didn’t fit at that moment – I altered it to work better for me.  Sometimes all it takes is working our way through challenges and stuffing or filling it with endurance to reshape and transform our current situations.

Today, this point was reiterated yet again. I am prepping for the SAT Math Section and I swear I feel like I am out of my league.  I was so not ready to go over the problems today in the workbook  and I could feel my chest constricting as I scrolled down to the problems.  I took a deep breath and started working through the problems. AND yet again I remembered math (yaaaaay). About an hour ago,  I decided to go over the powerpoint once more before I called it quits for the night. I’ve been staring at it for a while, but a statement really did stand out to me. One section recommended working backwards and states “if you don’t know how to answer a question, use the answer choices to help you solve the problem.” Truthfully, I still don’t understand one of these problems on the PowerPoint, but this statement resonated with me.


I know that God has promised me so much freedom and release from doubt, hurt, and fear because of His mercy. I know that my role in life is to give God glory and love Him with all my heart,  make disciples of all nations, and love my neighbor as my own.  I know that one day – this world will be made brand new  and all the pain and confusion of this world will past away. I will one day be with my Father.  those are MY ANSWERS.  My shoe may not fit but I press on in God and endure.  I may not know the steps I have to take to answer certain questions but I do know the ending and I take rest in that.  Beginning and working with the end in mind will always and forever keep me grounded, focused, and fill me with peace. then everyday can be truly beautifully.

Thanks for all of the support of the last few days.



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