beautiful equation.


okay…so I’m back in math class. smh. I’m trying my hardest to refresh my math memory to help my students and it has been a trip….shoot a vacation. On Friday, I sat with Math teacher for an hour and surprisingly – I remembered a good amount!  I think Calculus and Psych statistics had me disillusioned for a few years lol.  

When I decide what I am going to write about for each day or days of beuatiful – I swear it just pops into my head. Friday was nothing different. Equation popped into my head and I’ve been thinking about it all weekend. According to Free Dictionary equation means The state of being equal . It is a state of perfection – where the left side of the equation equals the left side. Everything is in perfect balance.

Let’s just say – my life OR life in general isn’t perfect.  Over the past few months – I swear nothing makes sense. lol. I’m sort of taking hour by hour because I’ve had to start over in so many aspects. My view on friendship, family, relationships, career,  goals, and dreams have all been challenged and redefined. I’m also trying to find another church and it hasn’t been easy.  Working in the school is so unpredictable and exciting (but great!) and I am constantly learning more about the school and the community. I find myself thinking I know something only to have that something debunked by something else (lol).  Whatever UVA perfection mindset I had left (believe me it was mostly on 10%) has definitely been wiped away LOL (reaaally man it was ridiculous in school). Life in general….doesn’t add up all the time (positive or negative)

Then I visited another church today. He talked about the number seven and how God created the world in seven days. On that seven day – He rested. The pastor reiterated rest and how we often let stress, doubt, and worry keep us from true rest.  We can rest in the equation of creation.  God + his works = 7 day completion. 


This got me thinking about other equations that have ransomed us.

 Love of God = sacrifice of son.

Jesus’ love for us = dying on the cross for our sins.

Love of God + Jesus’ Love = freedom.


Nothing adds up… BUT they end up being perfect because of the love of God and Jesus. We may not understand His works or every single detail. They may not be ideal or add up to the world’s view of success BUT they are apart of an equation that is bigger than what we can see. We are ransomed and made new.  So take rest in the love of God and Jesus.


– tw

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