beautiful reminder…beautiful representation day 25


This morning I went out into the Commons to find my site supervisor. On the way I stopped to talk to a student who is trying to go to school despite ALL odds.  Before I spoke with her – a young girl stopped me and asked me my name. She looked like she was either a freshman or sophomore.  I said “Ms. White” and she said “your hair is so cool”.  I smiled and told her what I did at the school and all her friends stared but a good stare- lol.  They all smiled and watched me walk away.

First of all – I have had the HARDEST time with my hair over the past four years.  I went from having extensions to relaxed short hair to bleached relaxed short hair to transitioning to natural. AND when I finally went natural – my hair wouldn’t grow out in some areas. Thus causing me to cut it because it was huge in some areas but very thin and short in others. I remember crying to my parents when I realized I would have to cut it after growing it out for two years. When I cut it – I didn’t like the haircut and so I let it grow wild for 5 months and then cut the back and sides very short.  It definitely hasn’t been an easy self image journey lol.

That girl’s comment made me feel really good because it reminded me of my role in the HS. Not only am I representing VCAC and increasing college awareness – I am providing a positive image for all the students. I am able to show the students that they too can come from a small southern town and go to college. I also feel like I am promoting a positive image for my female and African American students. For example, my haircut may be crazy and unpredictable lol  but I’ve had so many of my African American female students mention that they want to grow out their natural hair.  It’s crazy how I had years of hair confusion but it is all worth to promote positive African American hair image.

I realizes that my presence matters and that truly touched me today.

Someone is always watching us – we create what image we want people to see.  It’s up to us to realize our power and be positive.

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