a beautiful walk. day 19.


I am truly grateful for AMAZING friends. When I first graduated I was afraid I would never speak to them again…I know, I’m dramatic – but I really was afraid of losing contact. I’ve had the opportunity to really meet some great people in college. In addition to those awesome and beautiful friends I met in HS, God placed people in my life during college when I trusted Him with my friendships.Yes college was alienating and overwhelming. In a place where people often get a do over, people often OVER DO IT.  I remember wondering why I should try to be like one person when our lives are totally different.  I couldn’t walk in their shoes, I had to walk in my shoes and develop my own identity and perspective on life.

The other day I was reading this awesome article entitled  21 Habits of Supremely Happy People on Huffington Post. I laughed because most of them were true for me. LOL. Towards the end I was laughing at the Gif of Beyonce and her fierce walk.  The caption above it stated They walk the walk lol. I truly agree with that piece because I believe in walking with confidence. I always try to walk with my head held high.

Anyway – I’ve been really thinking about perspectives today and how they translate into relationships. It sort of gets tricky because we will never truly understand what it means to walk another person’s walk.  We can try to understand and give as much support as possible! I support my closest friends and we give one another advice – we listen and we are their for one another when we are at our lowest points.  I am able to go to them and they give me Godly advice and help me see my situations in a certain way.  Yes they support and they try their hardest to understand my situation. BUT their journeys, their walks are totally different than my journey/walk.

I guess today reminded me that we are called to give support to others. We can’t solve their problems, we will never know what it is like to be them or to have their thoughts – but we can listen – we can give TRUE, helpful, Godly advice. We can be nonjudgmental, loving, and caring.  In addition, our walks are ALL different. We will end up where we need to be to fulfill our purposes. We can’t compare ourselves to others.

Whether you are supremely happy or not LOL walk your walk, hold your head high, and strut/swag it out ❤





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