beautiful nostalgia. day 15


I’ve been so nostalgic today. Especially since I’ve been prepping for SATs. My students definitely remind me of myself when I started applying to colleges in HS. I was the SUPER STRESSED student – just OD for no reason at all. lol. I thought the world was over when I couldn’t come up with a topic sentence for my essays or figure out a description for my extracurriculars and awards on my applications smh. I’m telling yall…..I was intense (ask my parents, they suffered LOL. btw, thanks mom and dad. Mom I know you are reading this LOL. love you).

Anyway, I am continuing my training for the 5K and today was a BEAUTIFUL day to run. It was so beautiful, relaxing, and I actually didn’t even focus on the fact that I was running. I felt free. I listened to my music and I just thought about how much music was there for me in HS. I always felt like an outcast in high school – I just never felt like I had anything in common with others. Music was my escape man – specifically neo-soul. Corinne Bailey Rae opened my eyes to international music and she painted a picture of love for me. Like a Star and Call Me When You Get This will always be some of my favorite songs.

Music will forever and always remind me of important parts of my life. I remember 11th grade and the rides to and from Governor’s School. I remember listening to my iPod shuffle (when it was $99 and rectangular lol) as we traveled back to our home schools and I was always grateful because GW was the last stop. Definitely gave me more time to listen to music. I remember winning an iPod touch at the National Consortium for Specialized Secondary School for Mathematics, Science, and Technology 2007 Conference. I remember thanking God that he blessed me with it because I had worn out my first iPod. I remember the heartbreaks of broken friendships and relationships. I remember how gospel and soul inspired me during the tough times. I remember crying when I had to transfer my music from my iPod Touch to the iPhone 4. I remember the billion times I walked to and from class as an undergraduate listening to my new playlists. I remember how I felt when I discovered Reach Records, Lecrae, Andy Mineo, and KB. I smile and I remember the young tween who choreographed dances and forced her little sister to dance to them. I remember the cheerleader who blocked out the crowds and stress when she danced to the music. I remember the seven year old who lip-synced and danced to “No Scrubs”.

Music is powerful and I’m sure I have a memory coinciding with so many songs. Crazy how my students and their stress (lol) sparked these memories.

What was a key part of your life? Have you taken the time to remember that?

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