Beautiful perseverance. Day ten.


I definitely wouldn’t call today my finest at all. It was uncomfortable dealing with the fact that I will never know the outcome of certain situations. I was reminded that even when I get too comfortable there will be times when there isn’t a legit answer or solution. There will be times when I don’t realize why certain things happen. Shoot- there will be days when I don’t understand my emotions lol.

Even at the end of the day- in my feelings and all – I have to remember my purpose on Earth. Even when things aren’t blatant – I have to still be a Light. I have to give God glory in every aspect of my life. When I think of God’s grace and the love of Jesus – I don’t have time to even ponder – even question. Why? Because everyday is an answer – good, bad, confusing, loving. My health – my beating heart – my working brain – are indicators of grace and therefore I can spread grace and love to others. Therefore, I shall persevere, press on, stand tall, and walk in God’s light and love.


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