beautiful journey


This morning I clinged to my pillow…I swear I hit the snooze button 6 or 7 times lol. But I knew I had to wake up early to tidy up. I ran downstairs  to clean my dishes (I know…I should always clean them before bed…I just had a moment of laziness smh) and as I was washing I turned my attention to this mini coffee packet near the dish detergent. On Sunday, Venture Christian Church gave me coffee (which was an excuse to buy an inexpensive coffee maker). I was about to brew some coffee. I have been really hype about coffee lately (meaning…SINCE SUNDAY LOL. I’ve been especially hype about the seasonal ones at Marshalls lol and then this random one I picked up at Food Lion [Mocha Swirl by Folger’s]).

For some reason I looked at the measurements – I noticed the Ounces and Grams conversions. I immediately thought “regardless of what measurement you use – the coffee will create multiple pots of coffee”. 

It just reminded me of the different indicators of success in our society. Reminded me that each person’s journey is not a one size fits all and that eventually we all will end up discovering our purposes. Some people prefer grams and others prefer ounces and that’s just fine with me. 


Stand tall and enjoy your unique beautiful journey. I know I am grateful for mines.

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