Day five. Beautiful family and football


I am ALREADY slipping on these posts. smh.  On Saturday, I went with my mom and dad to Charlottesville! We met up with my baby sis and went to the game! Before we actually made it to the stadium my sister wanted me to come to her room because she wanted to show me something. When I got there she had bought me a frame for my degree! OMG I was soooo happy – I was jumping up and down!!!!! I had bought my degree anyway because I had planned on buying one this weekend but she bought it for me!! I am soo incredibly grateful and it really made my day.  My baby (my degree) has clothes now (her beautiful frame) LOL

Even though we lost and it was hot – it was nice to visit UVa as an alum and just take it in. The crowd – the blue and orange- my family – the food (expensive food) – the cavman- it was amazing. Can I also add that it was really interesting watching Oregon play (the team is FAST).

Saturday reminded me of the old days when we were all together. Shontell hasn’t been home in a few weeks so it was nice to see her doing well. It was also nice to see my parents and hang out with them  – they are our HUGEST cheerleaders and I am grateful for them<3

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