day six – a beautiful love.


I decided to visit another church today! Ever since I graduated God has placed it on my heart to visit local churches and I FINALLY got around to it. Today I visited Venture Christian Church in Danville.  From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed – I had a few people introduce themselves to me and the Pastor (who also planted the church) came over to chat with me before the service started.

This month the church is focusing on the different facets of love – family, friends, spouses/significant others.  He focused on 1 Corinthians 13

The one part that stuck out to me was love is patient  and not self-seeking.  I immediately thought about patience in the context of timing or walking with a person and exercising compassion.  But the pastor also brought up another point about patience and its Greek root. In Greek- the word means having the ability to get revenge on others that have wronged but not doing it. It just really made me think about how people can go straight to revenge but it takes God’s grace to walk away. The self-seeking aspect had really consider how we deal with others and what we want to get out of our relationships. When we help others – do we have a motive or do we do it out of a good heart?

It reminds me that God loves and gives us grace even when we DO NOT NEED IT. We don’t even need to be here right now – at this moment. But he exercises patience and he loves us beyond any measure.

I want to exercise God’s love among my relationships and even those I don’t know.  I want to walk in love – God’s beautiful love

Visit to learn more about this church!




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