day three : beautiful words


In my mind – I’m an artist – I am a singer, rapper, drummer, guitarist, painter, dancer, and even a poet. I’m sure I could become one of those with training but if I had to pick one. it would be a poet.

Two years ago, my life changed when I was introduced to Joshua Bennett. Joshua is an amazing poet who’s words spoke to me through his poem “Balaenoptera”. Let’s just say that poem made me envision love – wise love, love ordained by God, pure love. It made me envision love that I was robbing myself of for years. I was always really cautious about who was would get the title “boyfriend” but I always “talked” to guys – I made excuses for their behavior – I let them lead me on or drop off the face of the earth. I’d let them make excuses and come back because I thought “one day…he would change”  I always “talked” but even “talking” leads to emotional baggage. So by December 2011, I was FED UP. I was tired of playing into society’s sorry excuse for a relationship – just because everyone “talked” or “hooked up” didn’t mean it was for me. I remember vividly hearing his poem over Winter break.  The words hit me like a sack of bricks. I no longer wanted to “talk”, I wanted something so much deeper – a love that moved beyond the societal pressures – something that was driven by God. I broke down when I heard him speak these few words.

“When all those well-dressed jackals came galloping to your door begging for the rights to your ring finger, what made you lock the deadbolts on your ribs, looking them squarely in the face and saying with joy, “I am saving all of this beauty for a man I have never even met”? Did you ever doubt, ever sit in your dorm room and think that maybe your soulmate has chosen someone a lot more boring, but a lot less picky than you and opted for the easy way out of a life filled with love?”

Those words FOREVER rang in my ears and I will always thank God for those words. God used that poem to show me that I deserved better. I may not have been deeply involved with these guys, but it definitely led to so much disappointment. Those words touched me and ever since then I’ve been so in love with poetry – specifically spoken word poetry.

This morning I went to Youtube to listen to “Balaenoptera”

Then I went to watch the other members of the Strivers Row


Miles – “Alcatraz of Ballons”:

Then Joshua’s new poem “16 Bars for Kendrick Lamar”

Which then randomly lead to this beautiful poem –

my mind was blown when I watched the last one because “Balaenoptera” helped me be able to appreciate “Worth the Wait” and a God-ordained love. ahhhh.  so powerful

So day three – there’s beauty in words – so much beauty. Just wanted to give yall the backdrop for why I love spoken word so much. It makes me so happy to see Christians utilizing this outlet as well to encourage other believers/nonbelievers and help people see the beauty in waiting.


Joshua Bennett and I during Spring ’13. I almost cried when I heard him recite “Balaenoptera” live. ahhh. He is such a HUMBLE, amazing, and great person. So blessed to have been able to connect with him. ONE DAY, I will see The Strivers Row perform – seeing them all of them on a stage will blow me away! I definitely want to start reading more poetry! Maybe one day I will even perform one lol.



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