Days of beautiful


Hi everyone! It has been a while since I blogged. I actually thought about giving up blogging because I just felt like I has no more to say. I spent a great deal of my 4th year racking my brain to write these posts. I felt like it became more about me and others receptivity than utilizing this blog to spread positivity. At one point I decided to let it go….

Since I’ve been in this transition with the last few weeks presenting me with challenges and questions I cared to sweep under the floor for later. Or God revealing so many amazing things about myself and my growth. Or being diagnosed with diabetes and wondering what the heck is health anymore!?! whew… a wake up call.

One of my lovely/ closest friends and I always joke and say what is this life?! and we laugh and I say “I don’t even know what I know anymore – looking to God for guidance.”

But even in doubtful moments, challenges, elements of surprise, or just plain out seasons that seem dry – we all have something to be thankful for. There are beautiful moments of peace, love, courage, and worth in everyday. Whether it’s life changing or simple – we all have beautiful moments in our lives.

I’m trying to control my stress because I tend to overanalyze/over think or just spotlight little things. So this month’s challenge is for me to focus in on the moment and love everything about life and try not to focus on uncertainty.

I will do Day 1 post later today! Please join me in the challenge




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