Beauty isn’t


Beauty isn’t average beauty ideals

Beauty isn’t the evidence of colorism among our races

Beauty isn’t long hair/thick redbone

Beauty isn’t  3A-4C natural hair

Beauty isn’t blond or tan

Beauty isn’t “good” hair, all hair is good

Beauty isn’t a badd

Beauty isn’t showing off your body and showing the world what one man or woman should only see

Beauty isn’t a certain type of clothing

Beauty isn’t a certain type of makeup or nails

Beauty isn’t credentials

Beauty isn’t comparing skinny and plus size

Beauty isn’t what is portrayed on the media
Kim K.
Video girls
Beyonce or Rihanna..


They are living completely manicured lives, so why are we comparing ourselves to them again?

Beauty is what God made us to be. Beauty is being nonjudgmental and accepting of yourself even when you don’t fit the standard

Beauty is being able to stand tall and confident in your own skin

Beauty is never letting anyone question you because you are so unique

Beauty is recognizing that our bodies are sacred temples. We shouldn’t defile them with foul words/thoughts or have another man or woman’s insecurities dumped on them.

Beauty is in His image. We are made for a purpose. Never reduced yourself to standards and embrace that you are different

Beauty is you…in this moment…your spirit…your light shining through


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