Selah: pause and think on that


I LOVE how my Fridays start off! Yoga definitely challenges me to integrate every function ro do a pose and be in the moment. Such a blessing to have the chance to be in the moment. To pause and just be grateful for that second! Whew, I get so caught up that sometimes I don’t just listen to my breathe or feel my limbs move. Like that is such a blessing! God created us so complex!

Also, Selah has become one of my favorite words! Pretty much this word is used throughout Psalms as a musical direction! It is used to get the choir or the soloist to pause in the middle of a song. This word started to really touch me this week because I’ve connected this pause to being in the moment and really being grateful. I’ve had a challenging week dealing with brokenness, changing relationship dynamics, and throwing the challenge of post grad plans on top of that. wheeeew. Craziness.

I guess I want to pose a question to everyone and ask when do you appreciate your body? No, not though the eyes of others, but truly appreciate the fact that it is in complete function. God gave us organs, limbs, brain, and thoughts, but are truly taking a moment to just be in the body that God blessed us with? We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with images, constantly running after status or looking for acceptance through the eyes of people. But when have you just pause and truly accept who you were created to be, life become so beautiful. Love yourself and don’t compare your blessings and gifts to others!

But throughout this week, Selah has really kept me in the moment. Ive been appreciating my body and therefore appreciating my purpose in Christ. It’s awesome to connect that with my practice of Yoga

So Selah and appreciate what God has made you to be:)

Love you all


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