Dancing with royalty


I woke up in a pretty blah mood this morning : headache and all. Had to get up at 9 AM for my Yoga/Dance class and I missed the bus :(

So I was not in the mood when the bus I took came 4 minutes early and I missed it:( Then I waited for it to come 5 minutes late, making me extra late for this class. At one point, I almost walked back to my place because I was so upset and irritated. As I entered into the dance studio, I scrambled to pull my boots and socks off. In the middle of Yoga, I took off my pullover and I noticed my underarms were white from deodorant :/ Let's just say I wasn't in the mood at all this morning

After yoga, my instructor has us dance. At one point she had us freestyle and move in whatever way we wanted to. It was so liberating because I was constricted mentally all morning. Dancing and being totally uninhibited made me realize how constricted I was.

Towards the end of class, she had us grab for these scarves. I initially had my eyes on this really pretty shimmering green scarf. But as my others started grabbing for the scarves, I saw this really pretty purple one! I grabbed for it because it represented the color of royalty- it reminded me of God's royalty. I had no idea what we were going to do, but she told us to cradle the scarves like a baby. Then she told us to imagine they were our dreams and dance with the scarf

I instantly became happy because I picked the color purple. I felt like I was holding the dreams and goals that God has placed in my heart. For me, my dream was to be near God and do his work! As I danced throughout the studio- I smiled because I was truly dancing for God internally and externally. I cradled my God-given dream, but I was able to let it flow and be free. This small exercise reminded me to not get so bogged down in formality, especially religious acts that can often mistakenly replace God. I wasn't in a church,but I was in a studio and completely focused on God.

I've been listening to Forever Jones Being with You for a few weeks! One part of the song always get me hype. It says " When I'm around you I feel like dancing, when I'm around ou I feel like waving my hands...Jesus it's all because of you" I was totally dancing for God this morning and nothing - the cold, the bus system, or messy deodorant could take that from me.

So be uninhibited for God- dance, sing, run, jump, love the life He has given you

Being with You- Forever Jones


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