no agenda, just a heart of thankfulness


As I celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with my family, I can’t help but reevaluate my thankfulness.  When we talk about thankfulness, we automatically come up with the generic : “I’m thankful for friends/family/job” Not saying that these things aren’t important…they are so important! But are we truly thankful for these things, or we say these things because it seems “holiday-like”?

I don’t know, I am challenging myself to really discover the depths of my relationships with so many people. OR the capacity of what it means to work or to be blessed to go to school. See, I’ve gotten caught up in the past where I get soooo bogged down in what it means to be “busy”. Test this day, meeting this day, volunteer this day, or apply to this another day. I get so caught up in what it means to be productive, that I’ve forgotten to be truly thankful for the walk that God gave me.  How can I be more thankful? How can we be more thankful?

The heart of thankfulness flows from God. When was the last time you’ve just prayed and thanked God without any petitions? I’ve done it this week and it’s really sad how difficult it has been to remove ME and let Him be.  I’ve petitioned God while not really basking in who He is.  God is the  foundation for thankfulness because He has created ALL things. He has given us LIFE and BREATH.  I’ve asked God to give me a heart like David’s to be able to sing His praises without an agenda.

Psalm 95: 1-3  really does manifest David’s heart of thankfulness:

“1 Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord;let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. 2 Let us come before him with thanksgivingand extol him with music and song. 3 For the Lord is the great God,the great King above all gods.”

So let’s aspire to be like David this season and continuously give God praise for who He is, NOT just for what He does.

Also, I’d like to share a little prayer I’ve been saying the past two weeks. Last week was a bit tough, but I realized I needed to be thankful for my situation and pull through. I journal every night and I randomly wrote these words on the page:

” Take over, stay in control. Less of me, ONLY YOU.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone<3

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