the divine GPS…the ultimate navigator


These past two days have been really really frustrating! Yesterday, I decided to go to OneWay Large Group and since it was dark, I decided to drive. As I left the parking lot, I prayed to God that I would have a space in the lot when I got back. See, the building I live in has a funky parking system. Only one person per suite can receive a spot in the lot. But on the weekends and after five, everyone and anyone can park in the lot. I’ve always felt this was really insane because we never had enough parking spots in the building for the residents. 

I’ve been displaced from the lot a lot of times this year (probably 5 or 6), because I volunteer a lot during the weekdays. Parking on my street is really scarce and so many people have to park on another street. So I’ve always been lucky to just find a spot or parallel park into a space on my street, but I couldn’t find ANYTHING yesterday. So I ended up parking on a street that is a popular area for UVA students to live. I parked about 5 minutes away from home. I was extremely frustrated because I had just got back from hearing an amazing word and learning a new way to look at the Bible and hear from God. And then BAM. no spots. I knew it was an attack of the devil to just get my off guard and upset.  I called my parents and I complained because I’ve paid 400 to park in my lot, but yet I couldn’t put my car there. So I parked my car on the street and didn’t think anything of it.

So today around 2 I decided to get my car and as my roommate and I was walking up the street, I noticed my car was noooo where to be found. Like, I was shock because I was right at the place where I parked my car.  There were no signs saying I couldn’t park on the street and there were many other cars that were parked in front of no parking/tow-away zones.  To make a long story short, my car was towed=( I basically used money that I could’ve used to pay my insurance or pay for my Urbana ’12 trip because I was displaced from my parking lot. 

I came home and laid in bed but as I laid in the bed, I begin to think about displacement in terms of our lives.  Earlier Friday morning, I was lost trying to make a meeting with Community Services here and I got lost coming back as well. Didn’t bring my GPS or anything.  So I began to think about situations in which we  may be loss, displaced, or simply in a towed area in which everything in life is thrown away or people pretty much write us off.  Even though I was lost, I was able to get back to downtown through one street I knew well. Even though I was displaced and towed away, I was thankfully able to get my car back and I knew the areas well enough to get back home.

Someone may be in a place of displacement, you may feel lost, OR you are on your last straw in life. You may have tried everything but people keep throwing you to the side.  Please know that YOU have a way to get up and find yourself. God is your GPS or that one path that you may have skipped. Get on that path again and watch him take you to where he wants you to be.

The devil could have used Friday and today as a way for me to question God’s authority or His power, but I know it for me to realize He is my GPS…He is OUR ultimate navigator. Let Him bring you up from a dark place…cling to Him.  After this happened, I thought about Lecrae and Andy Mineo’s song “Background”. One part of the song says, “I can play the background…now won’t you come and lead, lead me?” Let God lead you and never let any circumstances take your joy.  I also went straight to 2 Corinthians 12:9 which says  My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Even in our moments of weakness, God can support us and lead us. 

Let God be that navigator. 

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