blown away…swept away.


One thing I really love about Charlottesville is how beautiful and breathtaking it is during Fall. Gosh….the mountains..the trees….the beautiful earthy tones. BUT  UVA has constantly upset me because everyday these leaves are blown away. They blow away every leaf with leafblowers =(

I don’t know why, but I started to connect UVA’s actions with life!  Life can have you feeling like a leaf…swept away, blown away. People may continuously sweep you under the rug because they feel that you are not important, you may not match up to their “image” or you are different from them. You may have experienced extreme pain because it may seem that NO ONE takes heed to you.

BUT I want to flip this analogy and comparison. I began to see the leaves as beautiful blessings. Even though they have been continuously swept and blow away, they STILL keep FALLING. Like, nothing is stopping them from falling. Nature continuously takes its course.  I begin to connect the falling leaves with God’s blessings and inspiration from His strength. You may feel like that fragile leaf, but God blesses you with the strength to keep moving every single day. You continue to “fall” because you know you have to press on. NO ONE can blow you away or sweep you away. OR look at it from this point of view, those leaves can be a metaphor for the blessings God wants to place in YOUR life. People may plot to destroy you, hurt you, and step on you, but God’s blessings continue to come whether in the form of LIFE: living or breath OR strength to fight on. You may be in a season in which you don’t see the blessings, you haven’t heard from God. But believe me NO ONE can stop your leaves from falling, no one can stop your blessings from coming. Just continue to have faith and never let go. YOU are important and your time will come.

I’ve been listening to Beautiful Eulogy  for the past day! My friend Devin’s spotify is sooo awesome! lol. They are featured in Propaganda’s song Lofty! (check him out as well=D) . The chorus really touched me!  It says, ” I don’t know why still I try to wrap my mind around You. Your thoughts are higher, Your ways are better and I’m in awe.” It blew me aaaaawwwaaaay lol. God’s plans are so much more than we can understand and our present conditions can’t compare to what He has for us.

Just felt that someone needed those words. Wanted to type them before I went to sleep=D

love yall lots<3


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