What are you walking in?


I’ve been really really REALLY trying to brainstorm an idea for a blogpost! For some reason, I just couldn’t muster enough energy to really post and I really wanted the post to be substantial.

I guess what question I want to pose is “What are you walking in?” So I’ve been really discussing this topic  with my roommate (most preaching to her LOL) about my concern and what God has really been placing on my heart. We were discussing the many stories in the Bible and how amazing they are. We talked about why is it that these things no longer occur in our society anymore. I pretty much struggled with that constantly over the summer. Why is it that we no longer see these amazing acts?

I guess I’ve been meditating on this for the past two weeks, but something kind of just clicked this week. For me, I think God needed to use those acts in order to keep His people near Him. In order for them to believe, the actions had to be very blatant. God’s actions were used as a source to truly make the chosen  ones believe. Once Christ was  sacrificed, we ALL have direct connection with God through faithfulness.

BUT, are we walking in the faith God created? Society places a value on rationality and stresses what you can see. We HAVE to see success, money, and pleasure. Is there a place for faith in society anymore?

As I thought these things, I started to see how our faith in human knowledge supersedes EVERYTHING. We constantly feed on stereotypes and heresay. We believe everything we learn in school. We take mathematics, literature, history and science at face-value, even though we don’t see it.  We  believe every worldly piece of knowledge and we NEVER question it.  I’m not downplaying school at all, I LOVE KNOWLEDGE, but why is it that I find it so much easier to believe every theory my psychology professor feeds me, but I doubt the stories in the Bible? Is it because I see photos and I have textbooks. Is it because I can “see” that I have faith in society?

As I really pondered on these thoughts last night and this morning, I automatically thought of the Bible and it’s different versions and how it is truly the connection and text for life.  Just like we have textbooks and facts, the Bible is our textbook for life. It may not have pictures, but I realized that the faces of mother, father, and sister are indicators of God’s images and his beauty. We are God’s workmanships and his craft (Ephesians 2:10) and we are created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27) . I am God’s picture…I am his reflection 

I guess what I am asking is, what is keeping you from having FAITH in God? We take the world for face value but we lash out at the first sign of doubt. Even though I may not understand why this summer my life was transformed or what I am doing in the future, I have faith. Faith has shown up in so many ways this month. God states that his thoughts are not our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9) and that we may never be able to comprehend his love and his works ( 1 Corinthians 2:9). I may not know, I may not see, but I believe and I am walking in faith (1 Corintians 5:7).  Are you walking for human approval or you walking for the moment? My question is, what are you walking in?

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