EASY DIY: studded button up


So I was in the Goodwill about a week ago hoping I would come across something nice for once!

Luckily, I found a denim button-up in the blue section of the shirts lol. Surprisingly, this button up was made by Miley Cyrus and Max Azria! I LOVE it because I wasn’t about to spend 50 dollars on one…I’m not about that life lol. After stumbling upon Madewell, I’ve been a bit more in love with denim. So I was about to buy one from Pacsun or American Eagle. But I snapped back to reality lol.

When I bought this, I was like “hmmmm how can I make this different?” I immediately thought about the gold triangle studs I purchased a month ago from Etsy. I bought them to update an old pair of converses! I got bought them from the Item Factory store for about 6 or 7 dollars

I decided to stud the edges of the button up collar! So here’s the final product:)





I got the inspiration from loads of Tumblr posts I’ve seen over the past months

::From NickiChicki.blogspot.com::

I spent about 4 dollars for the button up and about 10 (including S&H for the studs). So I saved about 30 dollars and I am certain I haven’t seen this at the stores. So there you go! A quick, easy, and cheap way to update your wardrobe.

I  will have to post some better pictures! I’m actually posting this from the AMAZING iPhone app! So I’m hype!!

Be blessed everyone:)


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