So I totally wrote this post earlier but it completely deleted by accident, but I am re-writing it because I know someone may need to hear this. AND my brain is foggy so I can’t even remember what I wrote -____-

Recently, I got myself into an uncomfortable situation in which my nice personality was taken advantage of. This pretty much has been building since June and I let it happened. I have always been the type of person to let things slide, observe, and overanalyze situations. Thursday it really hit the fan for me and I was seriously broken. I cried and I felt like I was no longer the strong, confident person I thought I was.

But I realized that this is one of my weaknesses that I seriously need to work on with the help of God. Instead of rebuking myself, yesterday, I recommitted myself to God. I recommited my mind, heart, and body to Him. I allowed the devil to attack my mind all weekend instead of truly realizing that I have a purpose, even in a hard time. Once I turned it over to God, everything became bearable and I realized everything would be okay.

I am writing this to let people know that you can accept your weaknesses but realize that they are far and few in comparison to the strength you have in God. I realized that we can’t dwell on these weaknesses, but use this as a motivation to seek and find your strengths.

We live in a world were we are constantly given contradictory images. We live in a world were everyone believes in freedom, but people are still bogged down in mental/fiscal/relational slavery. We want people to accept themselves, but we rebuke those who different and rebuke ourselves when we make mistakes. But instead of dwelling on what you don’t have, pray for purpose–> pray, ask God for what he wants in your life, create a dream board, release the stress (yoga, meditation, gym), and surround yourself with positive people. Just want to extend some inspiration to let someone know, you are not defined your weaknesses, but you are strong in God.

I would also like to share my recent discovery in the blogsphere. Recently, I came across Heather Lindsey and the Pinky Promise Movement. Her blog has been so influential in my life in just a week. Pretty much this blog questions the meaning of “dating”. Heather went through a time where all she wanted was to date, date, and have sex with randoms. She used these vain relationships to feel a void. She defined randoms as guys that claim to want you, but only want sex. They don’t want to commit to you or God, but what you to give up everything. After really connecting with God, Heather stopped dating and having sex after God told her, her purpose. She met her husband in church and walked past him for THREE YEARS. When they finally spoke, she said that after a twenty minute convo, she knew that he was her husband.  Heather stated that God placed her in a position to prepare her for him and their current ministry. Out of her experiences, she created the Pinky Promise movement. The Pinky Promise movement is an amazing movement to challenge women to commit their bodies to God. This includes drawing closer to God and like women and not having sex with Randoms or dating men that don’t have a women’s best interest at hand.  Now people may think that this is conservative (that thought is of the devil to prevent anyone from drawing closer to God), but I am all for it I rather save myself a billion heartbreaks and prepare myself for the right one than putting up with randoms that don’t care about me. I feel like this promise definitely takes courage and strength. But it allows so many women to focus on truly defining their purpose in life. There are Pinky Promise groups all over the US!I am actually thinking of creating a group, so if anyone is interested hit me up. Visit or the

Positive movements such as this can help people shake their weaknesses and truly focus on purpose.

Be blessed everyone



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