DIY Fourth of July Shorts


Man…oh man.

I swear this took me ages to do man. Free People made it look EASY but it took some time.  My sister and I went hunting for the stuff on Friday and I was stuck in my black work clothes on the hottest day of the summer, so by the time I got home, I was napping and not really into working on these shorts at all. My sister and I both started on our shorts around 8 pm and after spraying in the stripes and  the stencil stars, my white spray paint completely stopped spraying. I was NOT happy with my shorts. I basically rushed it thinking it would look amazing regardless, I was so wrong. soooo wrong -_____- . The stars looked ugly and blotchy and the paint seeped through the tape making the stripes look like they were bleeding AND I was angry because I spent 6 dollars on that paint for it to stop spraying. So after I finished my shorts, I was in my feelings for the weekend, TODAY I decided to make the stars/stripes look a little better. Instead of buying the fabric paint, I bought some regular spray paint and that was a horrible idea. The paint wouldn’t even stay on top of the jeans. I filled in stripes with some of the red fabric paint with a paint brush. I sat down and took my time and I made the stripes look better. Then I exchanged my spray paint for another bottle and I sprayed a little bit of paint inside the stencil. I gently went over the stencil with a wedge sponge and after letting the stars sit, I went over them with a paintbrush. To cover off the mess I made with the non fabric paint, I decided to place spots of paint in between the stars and rub each into the shorts, giving it white washed effect. I LOVE the way they turned out. I would suggest creating several pair or make some with friends because the supplies were expensive. I am glad I made my pair because I wasn’t gonna pay 50 for some on Etsy or 30 for some at PacSun.   I digress though, here’s the stuff


Red and White Simply Spray Project Paint ($5.97 each at Walmart)

Make sure the paint is fabric friendly=D


Stencil ($ 1.99 at Hobby Lobby)


Pack of assorted brushes and sponges (Approx. $5 at Walmart)


Thrifted Jeans ( $4.50 at Goodwill)

I also used scissors and some tape to cover up the areas that I didn’t want to make stripes. I suggest buying fabric tape or sturdy tape because the paint will seep through.



instagrammed it.


Now pair it with a cute flowy top and some converses and you got yourself a nice outfit for the holiday. Have a great fourth and I will make sure I post pictures of the outfit=D


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