Is status worth losing the true you?


Hi everyone! I am back in blogger’s land and I am ready to finally write


I gave up social networking (excluding Sundays for my church) for Lent. To tell you the truth, It wasn’t hard at all. I did miss Tumblr, but I thank God for the opportunity because I needed the mentally break. This last month has been one of the hardest here at UVa. Well, this semester is definitely my hardest here at UVa in terms of dealing with people, my academics, relationships, etc.  BUT I am so grateful to God for making it this far and he has truly been with me the entire way. Even though I’ve fell flat on my face several times this semester, God picked me back up. 

There are some things that I’ve observed  this semester that has been really bothering me this semester.  Pretty much I want to talk about how the devil can use people to really have you questioning your life, your worth, and pretty much everything.

This generation has an unsettling mean spirit. People are soo concerned about status this…status that and It’s crazy because people internalize those aspects. 

I’ve kind of ran into it in my classes and my interactions with people of different organizations here at UVA. It just really irks me how people will use ANYTHING and do ANYTHING to fit in. I found myself so upest because people are so concerned about the outer appearance. Everything is done to look good but behind closed doors these people are so shallow and ugly on the inside. NO passion, just doing things for looks. And it’s crazy how people use where they go to school and what organization they are affliated with to create a status or sadly, a personality and image. It’s really sad. 

But as I really started to think about these I realize that the devil can use people to have you reconsidering everything you stand for. To the point where you start to wonder “Do I Fit In?” or “Is there something wrong with me?” But I realized that NO, I am perfect the way I am and that maybe…just maybe it’s them. 

So don’t let people steal your joy….your happiness….or steer you away from your dream. DO YOU. Forget about the w girl that didn’t speak to you or the guy that completely mislead you…they probably weren’t worth the time anyway. 9 times out of 10, they have their huge insecurities.  Focus on YOU and your dreams. Don’t get so caught up in the beauty of the status because it really isn’t that serious. People are temporary, but you have to live with yourself forever. So never let anyone challenge your worth…

Seriously, this are serious issues that I’ve been battling with. So if anyone ever wants to talk. FB me or email me at 


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