stripes, studs, and royalty



This outfit is pretty special!

Isn’t this blazer pretty much amazing?!? I thrifted the blazer two days ago at a local store here in my hometown. Believe it or not, this blazer was only $2.50!! I flipped when I saw it! I am usually not into stripes, but I really love how it fits on me. It is tight but not too snug! I love the cuts in the sleeves and pleats in the back. Also, look at that patch! It reminds me of royalty! I love how the gold and the red pair together.

I bought my trouser jeans from a Talbots outlet store! I’ve always wanted a pair but I could never find them in my size. I bought these in the Petite section and they fit perfectly!

My mom bought me my the Steve Madden “Craizie” heels for my 21st birthday! They remind me of the Jeffrey Campbell Litas!


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