blessed and bittersweet



On dec 4th, 1990 my mom gave birth to my tiny body.

On dec 4th, 2011….I turned 21.

For the past three years since I’ve been in college my birthday has ALWAYS been very emotional and eye-opening for me.

Emotionally, I am ALWAYS thankful for life, breath, and movement in my limbs…because 21 years ago, the doctors didn’t think that I would live a normal life OR survive for that much.

On the flip side, I am always been reminded of how people lack insincerity. Which is always a downer for me. It’s kind of like I have to force people to celebrate with me and that shouldn’t happen every year. It’s like every year I go out of my way for people, but people never give in return.

You know how people have this crazy vision for their 21st (BIG PARTY/ALCOHOL/MUSIC), I didn’t expect it because I know how people are. It’s kind of like I’ve learned not to expect much from people on my day and it really does suck.  I pretty much just meditated on my life and went out for a couple of hours with a few friends.

My parents and sister go above and beyond to make it special and I truly appreciate it.

One thing I learn every year is, stop going all out of the way for people, NEVER expect much from people, and realize that life goes on…a birthday is just a birthday.

No, this isn’t a sad blog post, it’s a post for people who feel they are too good, but never get it back in return… and NO this is not to knock those that were sincere enough to give me wishes AND NO i’m upset about it, but it is a sad realization.

just wondering if anyone has had this experience with huge events in life such as birthdays/graduations/etc. leave comments and express your thoughts.

be blessed




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