hope floats.


Over the last month, I know that I’ve faced some challenges that have put me completely out of my comfort zone. Felt like when I took one step forward, I would take three steps backward. I was stressed, upset….I felt like a robot…seriously. Just doing enough and only looking forward to sleeping at night.  I wasn’t myself…at all. 

For a while, I kept dwelling on the past events and wondering why did it go that way….why did I react like that….why, why, why? Questioning past events will NOT help you out, it will only get you more overwhelmed and stressed.

I’m a very positive person so I am constantly trying to see the bright side of things…but what happens when you can’t see bright?

It’s easy to say you are doing well when all you see is greatness around you. But what happens when there is a flip side….a completely different situation?

How do you control negative thoughts…combat negative beliefs….pick yourself up and move forward when you can’t figure out what will happen three days from now?

The answer is perspective….

Perspective helps to rediscover dreams, beliefs, and strengths… remember why you’ve came so far to begin with. Don’t give up and allow those things to motivate you

So DON’T let negative thoughts get to you any longer….PLEASE talk to someone if you feel horrible. I’m glad I had my family (THANK GOD) and friends to help me through this month.  Don’t be ashamed to realize you are down and that you need to vent…

Remember…you are not alone in your fight to combat stress/depression/anxiety/broken heartedness

God is there for you if know one is there for you. Pray and join a religious group.

Keep busy…don’t dwell on negativity anymore. Think the best in everything.

For any reader that’s going through a tough time…feel free to contact me, don’t think no one is there for you.

God bless you all.

peace/love. and remember faith is the substance of things hope, for evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

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