DIY infinity scarf


The amazing and wonderful fellow wahoo Lauren Mims gave me an idea a week ago. She reblogged a post of a necklace made out of a t-shirt. From there I researched more about it and found a contest sponsored by  Basically they twisted the idea of the necklace and turned it into an infinity scarf!! This is really really easy to make! It took me about 20 min or less. Anyways heres what you do

Items needed: Scissors/Tshirt

1st cut the shirt horizontally, basically removing the arms and everything above that part AND cut off the hem at the bottom. All is left is a piece of rectangular fabric (I HAD PHOTOS OF THIS, BUT MY PHONE WON’T SEND THEM TO MY EMAIL).

Cut horizontally from right to left, or left to right, depending on what is comfortable to you. Just consistently cut in the same direction. ALSO leave about an inch on the opposite side. The size of the cuts shouldn’t matter. I did this at 1AM and my cutting sucked so bad. lol.

Then, pull the strands of fabric to make them curl

Now all the have to do is wrap it around your neck and you have a scarf!! I wrapped mine twice for bulkiness and I also tied a bow around it with the remaining fabric

Here’s some cool photos of other scarfs I researched

Hope you all enjoy this project! Also, check out Lauren’s AMAZING tumblr at It is so inspirational and colorful! So follow and bring some sunshine into your life lol. I will post more pics of my scarf, I wore it to the football game today with my orange cardi!! yeeeeeeess. OKAY, back to studying



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