from her eyes…


I should be studying right now BUT I wanted to do another blog post. lol. I’ve pretty much been listening to Mara Hruby for the last week…everyday….every night. She is a native of Oakland, CA and her voice is pretty much AMAZING. I stumbled upon her work while on Jesse Boykins III tumblr. He posted a video from a group he is involved in entitle Sartorial Sounds. He and the other members were performing “Take Off your Cool” and Mara Hruby chimed in on the hook. I researched Sartorial Sounds and it is comprised of several talented, young artists including JBIII and Mara! Each of these artists do their own work but they come together to embody not only music, but crazy style! I immediately looked up more of Mara Hruby’s music and I fell in love with her covers. Her EP From Her Eyes features her spin on covers from artists ranging from D’angelo and Van Hunt. Her style is amazing also! Check out the pictures below! I so glad I found out about the movement she is involved in and I truly say I am a big fan!

Video of Take off Your Cool – Sartorial Sounds





Her earrings are amazing! This was definitely the first thing I saw on her  in the video! They are “Visions” studs and I bought a pair! The meaning behind them is powerful! The creator’s name is Camille and her line is called Peace Images Jewelry! She is so sweet and passionate about her art! She makes EVERYTHING by hand!  Definitely consider purchasing something from her line=D I can’t wait until I get mine in the mail!! ahhhhhh

Also here is her mixtape! You can either buy or download at



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