rawwwwwr nails=D


I decided to do something neat for my nails for vacation lol. So I decided to try out some nail decals! I’ve been looking at the Sally Hansen salon effects decals, but I wasn’t feeling the price =/ But luckily I went to Walmart and ran into Broadway Nails Nail Dress and they are identical to Sally Hansen, but 1/2 the prices… Five dollars=D

It comes with 28 wraps in 14 sizes, which is a lot more than Sally Hansen’s 14 strips

Here’s a close up of the wraps

I love animal print<3

Final product of my nails; they are by no means perfect….I was doing this at 1AM lol. But I opted for one wrap on my ring fingers. Since I never used these I didn’t want to completely jack it up. I also figured I could use these for the future.

I definitely need to go over my nails again lol. But I love them and I think it turned out while for the first try! Also, I edited this foto with my Instagram Iphone app and then setting is called 1977…hmmmpph old school.

I painted my nails with Revlon Limited Edition: Red Hot nail polish and I painted my thumb with Crackle nail polish ( I can’t find the bottle at the moment=/)

Final thoughts:

I love the price

I love how many wraps are in the package

I was disappointed that their weren’t many designs to choose from (Two at my hometown Walmart, I may have to check drugstores/Target/etc.). Sally Hansen has over twenty designs o_O

I also hated the nail file provided=/ I ended up cutting  the wraps instead of filing them down the ways the instructions directed. Sally Hansen has not only a file, but a buffer, so maybe that helps out a bit more.

All in all I’m pleased=D

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