Do-it-yourself project:my knockoff gold keds


so guys! I’ve been looking at the gold colored converses and I just recently found out about the gold and silver metallic keds!

! Since they are like 50 or 60 dollars (approximately), I decided to make my own knockoffs of this.

The spray paint I used is called Krylon Metallic Gold Paint, I bought it from K-mart for $3.50

Target had a great sale! and I decided to buy some canvas flats which were only $9

I taped the sides and the bottoms of the flats with duct tap and stuffed the inside with newspaper

Here’s the finished product!!!, Price: $13.00

They dried SUPER FAST. 15 minutes max!!! I had to go and spray paint the tongue with more paint because it flared when I tried them on! The only problem I experienced is that the tape’s adhesive stuck to the sides. BUT I’m currently looking up some solutions. I think I’m going to try super cold water to freeze it off! I will let you all know how it goes=D Hope you like!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The slideshow repeats some pictures, sorrrry.

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