sentiments of an intern…


I know….I know….

It’s been a while. BUT my reasons justify quite well! I finished up my 10 week internship with the Danville Regional Foundation last Friday. I can truly say that I am blessed and humbled by the experience. The other interns were amazing and  within the time we spent, we got to know each other’s personalities, likes, dislikes,etc pretty well. I couldn’t have asked to work with a better group of young people. All of our crazy trips, parties, lock ins to groups and meetings by Kelly…to Ron’s crazy/loud voice, but amazingly great spirit. Oh and can’t forget how worked to have the best DRF intern pic and we posed in 100 degree weather.  I feel like I will always say “Lawd” “po thang” and “lost weight” for the rest of my life. I want to dedicate this post to my lovely coworkers!

Rachel: I loved raiding your food stash and talking about bargain shopping! I hope you enjoy Peru and please keep in contact! you are amazing and beautiful!!! Love yaaa

Kelly: I will always remember being EXTRA with you. You kept me laughing the entire ten weeks. I enjoyed our deep convos, especially the feminist one lol. Let’s continue to TAKE BACK OUR BODIES…so serious. Love you girl!

Adair: I’m so glad I got to know Adair a lot better! We had great times talking and hanging out all the time. From our tragic weekend at UVA , the Superjam, to discussing Hawthorne! I truly enjoyed having someone to talk to about life’s complex elements. We better keep in touch at UVA and discuss “activism” and confusing elements of the thing we call male.

Dodson: I truly enjoyed working with you Christopher aka Ryan aka Dodson. We’ve been partners in so much since elementary school. Thanks for keeping me sane during the jobs project. You brought each presentation home!

Shane–oooo. Lol. You are my boy from Michigan, who loves Kanye, chilling, and sleeping. You were so cool and calm the entire internship! I will also miss your mini-mohawk thingy. lol. You are the sweetest person and you have the greatest heart! I was so depressed I couldn’t see you before you left last week~

Christina! you are the most driven I know! I’ve never met anyone with as much talent! You always knew how to get the job done~ I enjoyed being your cubicle neighbor! Enjoy Phenix and when I come home, I will make sure I see you!

Ron: Lawwwwwwwd, lol, you are definitely one of a kind! I’ve NEVER met anyone like you! You have a big heart and great drive! I enjoyed all of our disagreements and your serenades. You are the most interesting man on earth  and even though you think I’m nosy and I have a huge mouth, you were crazy about me LMAO.

Portia- you are an inspiration to me!!! I told you I want to be like you when I grow up! You gave me encouragement to continue to push on and I know that planning the festival/the meetings/the venues aren’t in any way easy. BUT you do it with passion and optimism! I will continue to help as much as I can in the next few weeks and I will come back for the festival! Good luck to you in your career and at Rutgers! Love you<3

SIDENOTE: **** Everyone in the Dan River Region, please attend the River District Festival on October 8=D Portia has worked hard to create an amazing event and NO one will want to miss it! visit for more information and like the FB page=D****

The other intern, Misha, isn’t my FB friend, but he taught me a lot about appreciating different cultures! He was a fellowship student from Ukraine and he was not only a great speaker, but he is a role model for so many people from home. Stay blessed!

ALSO,  we had another “intern”, DENNIS GRAVELY, lol. Besides hearing you on speakphone in the office, I saw you every single weekend (almost) lol. You and Ron are so insane together. I’m adding this in here because you harassed me earlier about it lmao… JUST KIDDING=D

Each and every intern touched my heart in so many ways and I’m blessed to know everyone of you…..::tear::  Love you guyssssss<3


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