stress…shoes….songs…superb book=D


I’ve been a bit stressed this week and it’s kinda taking a toll on my body=/ So, if you are like me….you need some relief techniques lol. Lately I’ve been working out and reading when I have free time. I usually go to the gym for an half hour and use the elliptical. Throughout that time I usually breath deeply and clear my mind. Other times, I do a bunch of crunches and stretches! I also do zumba on Thursdays so I try to go to the gym about 3x a week. I also like to read in order to get my mind off of stress OR meditation! I took a meditation class my 2nd year and it CHANGED my life LOL. A few techniques include:

Body Scan

Walking meditation

Sitting meditation


The goal of these techniques are NOT to reduce stress (I know, I thought so too)! But meditation is the process of controlling the mind (thoughts, beliefs, goals) and COMPLETELY clearing it. Through the process of clearing the mind of unneccessary thoughts, stress relief can be obtained. If anyone wants anymore info on meditation, hit me up! I still have info from my class=D

SHOES: After having my heart broken when my JC’s were too small, my new pair came in this afternoon! I LOVE them! I’m completely in love with these shoes. They are so edgy and unique. Check out some photos below!

Disregard my gym shorts lol but do look at my DIY thrifted jean vest=D

front view.

side view



I’m obsessed with “Out of My Head” by Lupe and Trey! I can’t stop listening to it for some reason=D I kinda want to shake my hair back and forward lol, shoot. anything from his LASERS album is amazing. He is a genius=D



I picked up a book last weekend at Walmart and the author happens to be a black UVA grad!! wooot wahoowa! I really love the book and I don’t want to say much because everyone should go and buy it lol. It’s called “Holding Her Breath”


anywaaaayy. Hawthorne is coming on and I gotta get ready for a presentation.


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