Thrifting is amazing!


As promise, here’s a collage of my fav thrifted pieces! I’ve definitely found a new hobby and its amazing how tweaking clothes can give them new lives.

Brown Loafers ( the logo in the shoe messed up when I was cleaning them=/)

Blue, Gold button blazer (BRAND NEW)

BCBG silver flats (BRAND NEW)

DIY denim vest: I cut the sleeves off a jean jacket I bought

I’ve worn the brown loafers with the blue blazer and its so cute and professional (check out my fb page!)! I wore the silver flats once, gotta take a few photos in them. I wore the denim vest with some cut off green shorts, a cheetah-print flow tank, and my brown converses! I also need to recreate that look for everyone!

Check for local consignments,thrift stores, and Goodwills/Salvation Armys. Never know what new stuff you can find. Also, many people give away timeless pieces that can’t be found in stores. I find it crazy how I found a blazer similar to a Ralph Lauren blazer, but costs so much less.  Designers recreate past looks and jack the prices up! So if you are looking for a unique blazer, GO THRIFTING and save $$$$ =D

I promise I will capture a few of my outfits


2 thoughts on “Thrifting is amazing!

  1. Alana

    I tend to stay away from thrift stores because they can been intimidating because there’s so much stuff, but you found some epic things!

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