why im in love van hunt


Van hunt is pretty much an amazing artist.

he sings…he plays the bass guitar,drums,keyboard…AND the sax

I was first introduced to Van while I was stalking Tiffany Evans’ Tumblr LOL and I heard “Down Here in Hell”

I fell in love with him right then and there because I’ve never heard a voice and a beat so soulful.  His genre ranges from soul, funk, r&b, rock, pop…it’s a mixture of pretty much everything.  I’ve never stumbled upon any of his songs that I don’t love. So check out his latest album On the Jungle Floor and his self titled album Van Hunt. Also check out his new single “June.” “June” was written to mirror a person’s complicated moodiness,” says Van Hunt. “Some people are called pessimists because of their persistent dourness, but I think they are optimists. Sorely disappointed optimists. The song is my attempt to make one, in particular, smile.”

Van released “June” for his fans to download free! So you know I’ve freaked out lol so Download “June” at http://www.thecouchsessions.com/2011/06/new-music-van-hunt-june/ and look out for his future album entitled What Were You Waiting For?

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