Hello world!


About two months ago, I really started to get into reading blogs! One of the first blogs I constantly read was Abby’s World at Blogger! I am amazed at how much noise Abby has generated about fashion, beauty, and present day issues. Another blog I’ve fell completely in love with is UrbanBushBabes ! Cipriana and Nikisha are have beautiful style and they are spreading the word about thrifting and natural hair care. Within a few months, they definitely reached so many young women, including myself.

I’ve been involved in many efforts to reach out to young girls and women and I am using this as an outlet to reach more people.

I really don’t know how successful this will be, BUT, you have to start somewhere right?

This blog will feature many issues around

1st and foremost : appreciation for culture of young women

Fashion,Music, Politics, Love, Life, etc…etc…etc…

Feel free to post comments, message me, email, fb or twitter. I want to address issues that are important to everyone

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